Some day it will all make sense.

This blog usually contains love quotes, pretty pictures, landscapes, song lyrics, food photography, dogs, some fandom stuff like Hetalia, The Avengers, Homestuck, Sherlock and completely random funny shit. XD If you like any of these, then you've come to the right place~!

Hey, I'm Claud :3 It's spelled without an 'e' because Claude is a guy's name! Some of my friends call me Cloud (as in, the Final Fantasy character), some call me Din buuut anything's fine.

I play the drums, play badminton, soccer and do archery, play lots of video games on the ps2, psp and the wii, surf the net a lot, write, paint, draw, and take lots of DSLR photos. And, I really like cute things. Cute animals. Cute people. Anything cute!

Oh and yeah, I'm from the Philippines and am part Japanese.

If you wanna see my face:
Click at your own risk

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I’m back.

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Winter Leaf by greekamazon


Winter Leaf by greekamazon

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